Meet James Bell Dindima’s Winemaker
Meet James Bell Dindima’s Winemaker

Meet our winemaker James Bell who has made wine for Dindima since 2003.  2018 is James’ 16th vintage and he is delighted with how this vintage has progressed.  

Progress of Vintage 2018 at Dindima
Progress of Vintage 2018 at Dindima

Vintage is underway at Dindima, and as always the familiar sights and sounds of this busy time of year are exciting to experience.

Processing the Reds
Processing the Reds

Merlot is the first of our reds to be picked and this year because of the dry season the bunches were loose with small, intensely purple almost black berries. Just the way we like them!
Wine Lovers Sampling Fresh Muscatels
Wine Lovers Sampling Fresh Muscatels

When we begin picking the Black Muscat grapes we have a real sense that the hectic pace of vintage is coming to an end.   

Dindima Wines

Dindima Wines is a family owned and operated boutique vineyard, winery and cellar door located in the Orange Wine Region of NSW.

Our name Dindima, pronounced (din-dee-ma), means ‘group of stars’ in the local indigenous Wiradjuri language from which it comes.

On our distinctive red, black and gold label, our dindima is represented by the Southern Cross and its Pointers, the constellation that circles the night sky above our vineyard and the ever present Gaanha-bula (Mount Canobolas), the prominent extinct volcano and spiritual site of the Wiradjuri people.

At our cellar door we offer elegant, cool climate wines, crafted by our chief winemaker James Bell, in our onsite winery, from small parcels of estate grown, hand-picked grapes. Our unwooded wines are fermented in stainless steel vats while those that are barrel aged are matured in premium quality French and American oak. Dindima’s wines are made in a French style, displaying typical cool climate varietal characters and they drink especially well when paired with food.

Dindima produces a méthode traditionelle Blanc de Blanc Sparkling from Chardonnay grapes. Our table whites include two styles of Semillon and Chardonnay, both unoaked and barrel aged along with a distinctive barrel aged Semillon - Chardonnay blend. Our table reds include a unique style of Rosé, Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, and blends. We also produce some iconic dessert and fortified wines made from the fruit of the Muscat vines planted during the mid-20th century.

Our wines are available for tasting at our cellar door. Whether tasting inside or out under the trees, you’ll receive warm hospitality from our welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Treat your senses to our premium quality, handcrafted wines served in Riedel stemware, and enjoy a photographic exhibition of wine images, gourmet preserves and more.

At Dindima Wines, we celebrate not only the finest wines but also many of the events special to Orange, NSW. Our picturesque vineyard offers an inviting setting for local festivities. Spread a blanket under the open sky, sit back with a glass of your favourite drop and soak in panoramic views that include a patchwork of vineyards and orchards overlooked by magnificent Gaanah-bula. Our vineyard is a place where memories are made, laughter flows along with our wine and every event and visit becomes a special occasion.

Premier winemakers

Dindima is one of the few producers in the Orange GI specialising in Semillon. We offer two distinct styles: unoaked and barrel aged. Both are rare gems in the region, making them highly prized among wine enthusiasts.

Other specialties include our dessert and fortified wines made from a German clone of Muscat grape planted by immigrant orchardists in 1948. Our Moscato and Solera Matured Fortified Muscat provide something exceptionally delicious for wine lovers who are keen to complete their meal with a not too sweet wine that will complement a cheese selection or dessert and coffee. Of course, these wines don’t require anything additional. They are wonderful, simply sipped on their own. .

Dindima's commitment to excellence extends to our choice of bottle closures. For all barrel-aged wines, we exclusively use Diam corks instead of screw caps. These corks are crafted with cutting-edge technology that eliminates the risk of cork taint — a common concern that can compromise the aromas and flavours in wine. This careful selection ensures that each bottle of our Archival Wine matures gracefully and without spoilage.

To book a visit or learn more about our premium wines, contact our friendly team today at:

Join us for wine events in Orange, NSW

Each year, our vineyard becomes a must-visit venue during the Orange Wine Festival, a month-long celebration showcasing the region’s exceptional wines and culinary delights. Visitors can indulge in tastings, join classes and participate in hands-on wine related experiences. 

During the colder months, the Orange Winter Fire Festival brings warmth to our community. At Dindima, we embrace this magical time as we gather around the fire pits, engaging in activities for young and old, including sampling delicious seasonal treats. Join us for these festivities whether you’re a local or a visitor to Orange and enjoy the best of our region.